I am a candidate for the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) Board of Trustees, Seat 3.


In order to win this race and get to work for the students of LACCD, I need YOUR support and VOTE on November 3, 2020!

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In this journey, I am not alone.  

I have teamed up with a SLATE of three exceptional, passionate, like-minded Black women.  Together we are ready to bring Change and Justice to LACCD.   

Sylvia Brooks Griffin (Seat 3)Dr. Nichet James-Gray (Seat 5)Raquel Watts (Seat 7) and Charne Tunson (Seat 1).  

A NEW Way Forward

LACCD is the largest community college district in America, serving 9 college campuses with 250,000 enrolled students. 80% of those students come from under-served communities, over 75% are people of color and 56% are female, yet there is only one woman on the current LACCD Board.


We can and MUST do better.


Representation matters. 
LACCD needs a Board of Trustees that truly represents the diversity of its student body and community. LACCD needs a Board of Trustees that reflects the demographics it makes policy for.

We are all stronger and better served when we embrace the diversity that brings unique perspectives diversity to every human interaction. Whether it's a conversation, community demographics or policy development and implementation, diversity in ethnicity, experience, age, socio-economic class AND gender/gender identification will always bring greater opportunities to understand and find ways to address the pressing issues facing our college communities.


I will advocate on behalf of students first by working to provide more scholarship opportunities, increasing mental health services, implementing food pantries across the nine campuses, and positioning LACCD to lead in preparing our adult students to excel in POST-Covid career opportunities.

With YOUR support, I can win this election and begin to serve the the students and community of LACCD!