As a Board of Trustee Member, my focus will be STUDENTS FIRST.  I will work to:

Increase Representation:

56% of LACCD's student body is female and over 75% are People of Color (POC). The Board of Trustees AND faculty should be a reflection of these same demographics. And the Board should be committed to awarding more building contracts to businesses owned and operated by women and people of color.  


Improve Recruitment and Retention:

We need to create policy that attracts, retains and supports more students and faculty in under-represented communities. This includes women, students and faculty of color, members of the LGBTQ+ community and those with disabilities.


Prepare a COVID Response:

We are at the beginning of this global pandemic and the effects of it will be long term and far-reaching. LACCD needs to position our nine colleges to lead in creating an equitable COVID response that prioritizes the needs of the most impacted members of our community. This includes policy that addresses testing and health services for students, homelessness, housing & food insecurities exacerbated by this global pandemic, and the creation of  job training programs that prepare students for emerging career opportunities created by the COVID crisis.


Implement Reform:

How the LA Sheriff's Department interacts with and polices our nine colleges should be examined and modified to create a more just public safety policy. We need to designate a LACCD commission to investigate policing policy and response on LACCD campuses and recommend changes that will create a safer and more equitable system for all.